Bye Bliss

For years, Bliss Dance was one of my favorite parts of San Francisco. I loved bringing friends visiting from out of town to see her lit up at night. Last night, we did just that and found that she was gone. Only part of her right leg remained, and the area where she once stood was marked off with caution tape. As we stood shivering in the dark, we found out that she had been taken down only a few days ago.

I am glad that I got to take some photos with her a few years ago while on a night photography workshop led by Joe Decker. I was prepared with a thermos of hot tea and extra camera batteries. These were taken before she was cleaned of rust. I liked the rust. I liked the way it accentuated parts of her. I will add these photos to my Disintegrating Gargoyles gallery soon.

Goodbye Bliss.