"To take photographs means . . . putting one's head, one's heart and one's eye on the same axis. It's a way of life." - Henri Cartier-Bresson


Denise Cicuto finds beauty in things that are crumbling, fleeting, and kept in arrested decay.  She finds details that may be soon erased by wind, dust and time.  

Denise has been taking photographs for about 20 years. Good fortune came her way one day at a McDonald's in New York City when someone stole her Kodak disc camera. Yes, good fortune, because after a year without a camera, her mom bought her a Pentax K1000, her first single-lens reflex (SLR). 

Time without a camera made her realize just how much she loved taking pictures.  She spent many subsequent hours developing photos in bathrooms and real darkrooms from Binghamton, NY to Paris, France and from Brooklyn, NY to Boston, MA.

Denise then moved to California and produced very few images during her dry period from 2002-2006, also known as acupuncture school.  Moving to the Bay Area in 2007, she became reacquainted with her love of photography, bought a Canon Digital Rebel Xsi and started taking workshops and classes from acclaimed nature photographers Joe Decker and Rick Knepp.

Denise lives in Alameda with her husband Steve, their dog Sofi and their cat Spartacus.  When she’s not taking photographs, she is busy in her acupuncture offices in Alameda and San Francisco.


Awards and shows:

2017-2010 Spring Show, PhotoCentral, Hayward, CA

2013 People's Choice award, Spring Show, PhotoCentral, Hayward, CA

2009 Alameda on Camera, Satellite Show award, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, CA

2011-2009 Frank Bette Center for the Arts – juried group show, Alameda, CA

2009 Shay’s Café, Satellite show of Frank Bette Center for the Arts – independent show, Alameda, CA

2001 The Stebbins Gallery – group show, Cambridge, MA

2000 Celia's Café – independent show, Somerville, MA

2000 Club Passim – show with Heather Brown, Cambridge, MA

1998 Out of the Blue Gallery – group show, Cambridge, MA

1998 Curious Liquids Café – independent show, Boston, MA

1995 612 bar – group show, Brooklyn, NY


Permanent installation:

Goldthwaite-Wright Collection, Framingham, MA

Kleindolph Gallery, Sun Valley, CA



Disintegrating Gargoyles

Pennsic 40



Photo of Denise by Joe Decker